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Awaiting our girls & Brian

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Merry Christmas my dear friends ~

How do you spell out how much you love your children?  One can not say, because they are all so dear and precious to us.  Even when they are 35 & 29 you still see them as little girls waiting for Santa to arrive.

I miss them every day & then some.  As I begin to prepare for their arrival my heart is filled with so much joy & excitement.

Aly & Brian arrive at JFK on Tuesday morning.  They will be picked up by Kristin & Jenny – oh I forgot and Clark too.  Aly & Brian’s cat.

They go back to Kristin & Jenny’s for a couple of hours, so Clark can run around, since he was in his little crate for 6 hrs.

Then they all leave to come upstate for Christmas.  Kristin & Jenny will close the door to their first place together.  They will be moving to California the day after Christmas – Cross country adventure.

The only way I am getting through this is I know they will all be near each other that in itself make me very happy.

It will be very tough to say Good-Bye to all of them, my heart will probably sink to the floor on Christmas morning.

My prayer for them is that God will always keep them safe and that they are happy always.

Until the day after Christmas, I wish you lots of love, joy & peace in your hearts this beautiful Christmas Season.

Much love,




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