Until we see you again

Good Morning My wonderful friends ~

We said goodbye to Kristin & Jenny on Christmas Day ~ they are beginning their journey to Los Angeles, CA.   We will miss them terribly, but it’s a new journey for them, and we wish them so much love and happiness.

They will be moving very close to Alyson and her boyfriend Brian, which makes us very happy ~


Sisters should always be close, and I know they are.  They love each other so much, and this I know for sure, because I have 7 sisters, and I know that feeling of love.

We will be visiting them every year for 1 month and this will be quality time that we spend together.

Kristin & Aly ~

I will miss you both from the bottom of my heart, but my wish for you both is to be happy with everything you chose to do in your lives.

God Bless & protect you always.

Jenny & Brian ~

Until we see each other again, I send you so much love and thank you for taking such good care of our girls.

Much love,




















2 thoughts on “Until we see you again

  1. such a beautiful message Rosie… How difficult to see our children move away, yet the LOVE that keeps us connected is why we ALWAYS have eachother…. Love, Josie


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