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Happy Thanksgiving 🧡



Hello dear friends,

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times of the fall season.

I always feels very calm around this holiday. As the leaves start falling, it becomes clear to me that change is happening.  Even though I’m not a real fan of change, I love the changes of the seasons.  I’m glad I live in the north eastern part of New York.  The beauty of the mountains and the colors of the leaves are Thanksgiving to me.  It brings such a peace in my heart.

This year we will be spending it with our youngest and her boyfriend.

It’s  very exciting, because they just moved to Portland, Oregon, and she will be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time.

I’m excited to be there to help in anyway I can.

So from our home to yours we are wishing you the best Thanksgiving ever.

Much love,


Love & Family

Happy New Year


Wishing you all the best of 2018 ~

Happy New Year to all my family & friends ~ Hoping this year bring you all everything you are wishing and dreaming for.

God Bless you all.

Much love,


Love & Family

Rustic Chic ~

Good Morning Friends ~

My sister is redoing her 1/2 bath and asked if I had any ideas for Rustic Chic.

I went on Pinterest and came up with these 4 ideas for her.

Here you go  ~ hope your like them ~

What I like about these bathrooms ~

The vanity is a table – very rustic, but the chic is the softness of the flowers ~ the porcelain sink & the softness of the towels.

rustic chic 2

I love the dark ship lap and the lightness of the vanity.

rustic chic 3

This one is just the opposite ~

The light ship lap makes it softer ~ I have to say this is my favorite.

The ladder ~ the mirror ~ the space under the vanity ~

It totally says “Rustic Chic”

rustic chic 1

This is also another classic for “Rustic Chic”

You can see the softness in the mirror and the flowers.

The Rustic is the vanity ~ so pretty.

rustic chic

I hope you enjoyed this post.

It was real fun for me.

For more Rustic Chic go HERE

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,


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Happy Independence Day

Hi Friends ~

I hope you are all enjoying your 4th of July ~ Independence Day

One of my most favorite sayings ~

4th of july 2

Be safe and enjoy your freedom…..


4th of july

Much love,


Love & Family

Happy Mother’s Day

rose 1

Good morning beautiful & Happy Mother’s Day.

I would like to dedicate this post to my beautiful Mom.  She has given all of us so much love, and wisdom.  Something I hope to keep with me for the rest of my life.

She has such a love for all her 8 daughters.  We all love you so very much Mom.   Thank you so much Mom for everything you do for us.

We wish you the best Mother’s Day filled with lots of love and laughter.

Mom's 90th (30)

~Also ~ I want to wish my sisters a Happy Mother’s Day.

May your day be filled with all the blessings God can give you.  May all your children know how much you love them and how blessed they are to have you in their lives.

Enjoy your day – and make sure someone is pampering you.

Mom's 90th

Love you all so very much.

Much love,


Love & Family

California Family

Hi Friends ~

Today I was talking with my Mom and telling her all about our trip to California.

She was so excited for us to visit our girls – she know the feeling of being far away from your children.

So I went on to tell her about how I grocery shopped with Kristin – cooked with her and Jenny & how beautiful their home is.  How they made us feel so comfortable and special, and how happy we were to be with them.

Continuing on I told her about Aly & Brian and their pups and Mr “C” she totally loved me telling her about the animals.

How special they made us feel and how happy we were to be with both of them in their beautiful home.

I almost forgot to tell you all what an amazing lunch we had with our California Family

california 2017

We had a great time with everyone – We don’t get to be with each other that often, so when we do it is just so special.

I hope you are enjoying your day

Until next time.

Much love,


Love & Family

California visit

Good Morning Friend ~

Pete & I just returned home from our 2 week visit in California.

Had an amazing visit with the girls and of course Brian.  We love to spend special time with them every year, plus a bonus of good weather.

Our visits go too fast, but they are so special in every way.

The weather was wonderful 70+ degrees and sunny who wouldn’t love that.

While in Pasadena we found this sweet little coffee shop  called  “ZELI’S”

It had the best coffee and muffins —

cali 2017-1

cali 2017-2

We got to spend a bit of time with Aly & Brian’s fur babies ~

Canyon – Beautiful friendly sweet lab.

cali 2017-5

Her brother Charlie ~ so gentle and sweet as well.


cali 2017-4

And last but not least ~ Mr “C” aka Clark the best cat in the world.

cali 2017-3

They all get along pretty well, but it can get a bit crazy, but it was great.

We visited with the girls & Brian for 10 days then went to see my sister for 4 day

Visited with my nieces and there little ones –

Lily & Ellie – Ellie sister Charlotte was not at the lunch.  She had a soccer game.

cali 2017-9

Victoria ~ she was watching Elmo on my tablet.

cali 2017-8

I also watched my sister make this wonderful artisan bread & blueberry scones

cali 2017-6

cali 2017-7

I still need to get the recipes for them.  They were delicious.

I loved visiting everyone, but saying  Good-Bye was so hard.

Until next year – my love will remain with you always.

Much love,




Love & Family

Beautiful Sunday in the North East

Hi Friends ~

Pete & I met good friends in Saratoga today.  We had the best day just walking around this beautiful town.

My friend Diane has the most amazing gardens filled with hydrangea ~


Yes ~ she brought me the perfect bouquet of hydrangea today from her garden.

Aren’t they beautiful  ~

We continued our visit walking around Saratoga and stopping for lunch at Jacob Anthony’s.

Can’t get much better than this.  The weather was perfect 70 degrees and so sunny.

Great visit with you both.  xoxo

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well.

Much love,


Love & Family

Celebrating 90 years of Love & Family

Good Morning Family & Friends ~

Today I would love to tell you all about the wonderful weekend I shared with my family.

It was our Mom’s 90th birthday party.

Isn’t she beautiful ~ such an amazing woman ~ so much love for her family & for her faith.  ~ We love you so much Mom ~

Mom's 90th (30)

Just a little history about Catherine Marie ~

She was born 90 years ago in the town of Lindenhurst N.Y.  She lived in this town all her life.  She has many friends who love her dearly.

Three of her 8 daughters live there as well – Thank God for Lori, Theresa & Regina.  They take such good care of her.  Doing many things for her that need to be done. ~Like~

Dr. Apts ~ Grocery shopping ~ cloth shopping ~ cleaning her apartment ~ and many, many more thing, but they do it with such love.

Thank you so much girls for always being there for our Mom…

The rest of us live in Albany NY ~ Maryland ~ Pennsylvania ~ Idaho ~ & California.

She met our Dad in this town.  They married on October 12th, 1949 and had 8 daughters ~

Mom's 90th

How wonderful we could all be there with her.  It was so amazing to see everyone ~

We were all together to give her this beautiful day ~  She was truly the dancing queen that day. 

Thank you to Theresa & Gene for hosting this amazing celebration ~

What a beautiful couple ~ We love you both ~

Mom's 90th (15)

Six of her 8 (son-in-law) sons were there to help celebrate the special lady in their lives.

She loves all 8 like sons.  She know how much they all mean to her daughters and she know how good they are to us and to her.

Mom's 90th (27)

Now for the jewels in grandma’s crown ~  Her grandchildren ~ so many had to travel, but they would not miss their grandma’s 90th birthday for anything.  So much ~ LOVE ~

Mom's 90th (28)

And the twinkle in her eyes her great grandchildren – Not all could be there, but the ones who were there were so happy to be together with each other and so happy to see there grammy on her special day……

Mom's 90th (29)

Please join me, and take a moment to thank God for this beautiful woman in our lives.

We love you so much Mom, and we pray you are with us for many more years.

God Bless & protect you always ~

All our love ~

Mary Ann, Cathy, Rose, Joanne, Lori, Jeanne, Theresa & Regina.