My kitchen is a galley kitchen – it is open to the dining room and the family room with a large island which houses the sink and dishwasher –

Behind the island are the stove, and the refrigerator – it did take me a bit of time (maybe 4 yrs) to figure out where I would put everything.  Now that I have completed this task I can finally say this is just right.

So now for the tour ******

home 25
Center Island – houses the sink and dishwasher.

Now in 2018 this space looks a little different ~

new pantry 20

This is what we did ~

The space to the right was our pantry – We took the door off and made it into a baking station – best design we did.  I love to bake and my kitchen is on the small size.  I needed space to hold all my baking goods.

We purchased this amazing rolling island.  When I want to bake I roll it out and it fits perfect next to the counter (same height) when I’m done I roll it back to it’s spot.

Here is what the inside looks like ~


More pictures of the kitchen now ~

home 24
On the opposite wall are the Refrigerator and stove – Good amount of counter space.

home 21

home 22
Close up of counter space

Hope you enjoyed our kitchen tour.

Much love,



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