Love & Family



Merry Christmas to my family & friends—-

It is 8:45 pm Christmas evening, just remembering back on this wonderful day.

We started with a fantastic breakfast prepared by our daughter-in-law Jenny – she made unbelievable pancakes – A full batch of bacon pecan pancakes and a full batch of apple pecan – they were delicious 

Along with these amazing pancakes, was bacon then topped off with mimosas – 

After breakfast we played with Clark (Aly’s cat) he is so darn cute.

Sat around and listened to music and watched a few TV shows.

I began to prepare dinner around 4:00.  

We all sat down around 5:30 to Italian wedding soup. Then a pork roast with apple almond stuffing, wild rice and brussel sprouts. 

Followed by many cookies… 

Kristin & Jenny brought with them a huge container of homemade cookies and I also made 4 different types – so needless to say we had lots of sweets.  

Spending time with family is amazing,  We were so happy to be with each other.   We are so blessed to have the love we have for each other.

I made special gifts for the girls as well – they received them on Christmas Eve – 

All 3 girls received gold necklaces with stamped initials on them –

They loved them – it makes me so happy they really love my work.

God has been so good to me, I now have a new craft which I am using to make others smile.

I pray it will be successful.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Much love,


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