Love & Family

A Chair for each of us ~


Hi Again-

I had to post this picture because it reminds me of our Sister’s Weekend.

My sister Cathy usually has a sister’s weekend sometime in July – what fun we all have seeing each other – telling stories of our lives in the past year and drinking wine, yes we all love our wine.

Life with my sisters, is just wonderful.  I love them all so much and we can’t wait to be with each other time and time again.

We all have such an amazing relationship, and we all owe that to our parents.  They taught us the meaning of family – with 8 daughters my mom was always cooking, cleaning and doing wash. (God Bless her)

Just now I am on the phone with my sister Josie (for the 3rd x today) we talk about everything from decorating to “what are you making for dinner”  Sometimes we just laugh and laugh and laugh…..for no reason.

We all live in different parts of the U.S. but we are all connected by our hearts.

Much love


p.s. Cathy this is for you…Love you honey

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