A bit of a change & a Christmas Tour

Good morning friends~
Well it’s been quite hectic around this place. We had our rugs pull up & had vinyl flooring put in it’s place. We love how they came out.

We chose vinyl because of its durability. We live in a condo, and for sound purposes it’s better then wood. No scratches no dents just all around better then wood.
purchase at LL Flooring.

We purchased area rugs for the floors, but when they arrived they were rolled very tightly. We turned them to the opposite side for a few days and that was the trick to taking the wrinkles out.

One morning I was looking from the Dining Room into the kitchen & said to Pete, how about we put the DR where the Living Room is, and move the LR furniture into the DR. He thought I was a bit crazy, but the finished product is just perfect.

New sitting room ~

This use to be the dining room. Now our sitting room
sitting room

Our New Dining Room ~

I can finally walk around my table
Just love the size of this room. It’s where this beautiful dining room set belongs.
All pieces can be together in one room. This was my mother in law furniture. What a gift ♥️
And, now a fireplace in the Dining room. Perfect

We wish you our dear family & friends a very Merry Christmas & a safe a beautiful New Year

Much love,

Rose ♥️🎄☃️♥️