Guest Bed & Bath Finished

Hello friends ~
Today I want to share our finished Guest Bed & Bath. We have been wanting to redo both these room for a few years now, so being stuck in the house due to Covid we decided to tackle the job.
We had a carpenter come and put up the crown moldings & the bead board in the bathroom.
We also had both rooms painted. The project took 9 weeks to complete. So happy this is finished and the house is back in order.

I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

While you are going through the process it seems like it’s never going to be finished, and then here you are wondering what your next project will be. 🤔

For now I’m going to enjoy the holidays & maybe sometime in the near future do the floors.
That’s another post for the spring.
Until then have an amazing Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Much love,

Rose. ♥️

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