Sunday Reflection 12/4/16

Hello my friends ~


We begin our second week of Advent ~ The second week represents Peace.

Just as we lit the first candle which is for Hope – we light the second candle for Peace today.

Today we light two candles for the second week of Advent. Again, they symbolize our longing, our desire, and our hope.  We want to recall that Jesus came in the past to save us from our sin and death. We want to experience his coming to us now, in our everyday lives. And we want to prepare for his coming to meet us at the end of our lives on this earth.

We begin this second week of our Advent journey with this vivid proclamation of the end of violence and a promise of justice and peace. The prophets use such wonderful images to tell the people that they could expect and hope for a day when “every tear would be wiped away.” It will be a day of great peace – “the lion would lie down with the lamb” and the people will beat their spears into hooks to prune trees with. Weapons of war will be turned into tools of food production. And, the most unbelievable promise of all: “death will be no more.” In our world today, we welcome this message with eager anticipation. Let us experience today what it will be like to be freed from the power of injustice, conflict and division. Our longing, our desire is that we might be set free.

The prayer we say for this week is ~

O Lord, stir up our hearts
that we may prepare for Thy only begotten Son,
that through His coming
we may be made worthy to serve Thee with pure souls.
Through the same Christ our Lord.


I wish you a beautiful 2nd week of Advent.

God Bless.

Much love,



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