Christmas in Pete Office

Happy Saturday ~

I can say happy because I have finally finished decorating for Christmas.

Now I can make cookies and fill the house with wonderful armorers.  Every year I begin to bake I am reminded of the wonderful smells of the holidays.  Collecting of the ingredient and the warmth of the oven (which will be on all day) puts me right back to when I was young – watching my mom make her Christmas Fruit Cakes.

Today I am sharing my wonderful husbands office.  We redecorated his office early this fall, so decorating for Christmas was so much fun.



I purchased this old world Santa pillow in a little store called “The Potting Shed” one of my favorite stores in PA.


I love having the couch in front of the bay window.  It frames the window beautifully.  When the sun is shinny through the lace curtains the room looks so lovely.


I made the little wood ornaments –  One of my blog friends was kind enough to share the instructions and the download for the the cute wood ornaments


I purchased 2 small 2.5′ Christmas trees this year.  One for Kristin & Jenny’s room (which doubles as Pete’s office) and one for Aly & Brian’s room –

This little sheep has to be a favorite of mine.  Also purchased at the Potting Shed.


Have a fantastic Saturday.

Much love,



4 thoughts on “Christmas in Pete Office

  1. Rosie, you truly are the most detailed of us 8… Your home is Picture Perfect and just darling. I can breathe everytime I dream thru your looking glass… Oh, did I say, it’s BEAUTIFUL…
    Love you, Josie


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