Better look for the Office

Good Morning Friends

Once again Pete & I looked at the office/TV room and agreed we needed to make a few changes.

After thinking – what am I was using the space for ~ (Extra room for guest to stay) ~ we chose to use this room for that purpose, and Pete’s office ~

TV is back in the Family Room ~

This ment moving thing around again.  Sometimes you don’t get it on your first try.  So what do we do??  We keep trying until we get it just the way we want it to be.  I say it’s a better look for the Office..

First take on the office – The couch looked good here, BUT – better in front of the windows especially since the TV is no longer in this space.


I love how it looks, and is better when our guests come to stay.  No furniture to be moved except the ottoman.


A few more pictures of the office space.


A better space for the desk – putting the desk here breaks up the big white wall.


Sweet little heart  ~ First one I made, and made me want to make more.

I will be redesigning my Etsy store after the Christmas holidays ~

Be sure to check out the New Redesigned store after Christmas.


Much love,


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