Sunday Reflection 11/13/16

Good Morning Dear Friends ~


Today we look at gentleness of the spirit ~

Gentleness to me ~ listening to each other in a sweet tender way.

With all the messages going on Facebook and the sadness people are experiencing I think now is the time to become gentle, speak kindly, show compassion.


Gentleness is not being weak, as with meekness, gentleness is strength under control. It allows us to be tender, just think how big and vast and powerful God is, who is bigger than the universe, who transcends space and time way beyond our comprehension. Yet, He treats us with the utmost of tenderness and care. Knowing gentleness is trusting that God will take care of justice, thus we need to think correctly about who God is and who we are in Him. This understanding of His sovereignty, doctrine and control will move us from the hurriedness of life and the cruelty that goes with it to take the time with relationships, growth because we are at peace with God.

Gentleness allows us to be caring and nurturing to others. It helps us stay calm and not escalate problems or push people’s buttons! To build others up, by allowing them to grow. It places the other first, it is being selfless. As attracting people to you who could use a listening ear or help, at the very least to hear and the most important thing we can do for others is offering our friendship. When we are too full of pride, we cannot be gentle with others; we cannot be a friend, for all we will do is hurt them and push them away. We can look to Jesus who modeled ultimate gentleness and care. Being fully God He does not have to be gentle, yet He takes to time to nurture others even when they make mistakes and fail. He helps them up and puts them back together; He will do this with you too. But you have to allow Him to form you. This character must continue to function in a society that does not see its importance, care for perceived limitations or think it is weak. But when others need an ear to listen they do not go to the ones filled with pride they go to someone who is gentle! Will that be you?

Remember; what come into your mind when you think about God tells a lot about you, perhaps the most important thing!
Lets us all try to be that gentle friend who truly listens to our friends and families.
Wishing you all a blessed week.
Much love,

4 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection 11/13/16

  1. Rose, A beautiful and timely message, pointing us to our perfect leader, Jesus. Thanks for these comforting words, Love, Cathy 💖



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