Beautiful Hydrangea

Good Morning Friends ~

A few posts ago I shared with you the beautiful hydrangea I received from a dear friend.  I finally found the perfect spot for them.


I mixed faux white hydrangea with the pink dried hydrangea.  They look so good together.

A few more pictures of these beautiful flowers.


They sit on top of the wall unit in the Family Room.

A little history on my wall units ~

The doors on the front of the wall unit were made by my Dad about 65 yrs ago.  My parents had a fireplace in there home but,  after we were born my Dad decided to make the fireplace into a bookcase.  He didn’t want us to hurt ourselves if we fell near the fireplace.

After my Dad passed away I was gifted the bookcase.  We had an amazing carpenter make the wall unit using the original door to the bookcase/mantle.  I am so thrilled to have them in our home.


If you are wondering what the white cap is on the wall ~

It is a sprinkler system in case of a fire.  They are in every room in the condo.



Have a fantastic day.

Much love,






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