How I became to know the "Holy Spirit"

Sunday Reflection 10/2/16


Good Morning Dear Friends ~

Today I share with  you how I might need an operation to reconstruct my common bile duct.  I need lots of strength for this operation.  I know that if I trust in the Holy Spirit He will be with me throughout this process.

I do lean on Him everyday.  I have become extremely close to Him, and I know I will be trusting Him ~

The Holy Spirit is the Source of Joy. His Presence brings joy. His fruit is joy. His Wisdom increases our joy. He is the Spirit of Wisdom. The pursuit of money, or having it does not produce joy. We cannot depend on our loved ones to create an atmosphere of happiness.

There are five misconceptions about joy. Many think joy comes from people, promotion, progress, power or possessions. The wise person discovers the truth. The Holy Spirit creates joy within us every moment that He is pleasured. When we pleasure Him through total obedience, we will feel what He is feeling. When we grieve Him and bring Him sorrow, we will feel what He is feeling.

HE is our only true Source of peace…the absence of inner conflict. His Presence brings peace. When we obey His instructions a calmness will enter our spirit. The greatest warfare of our life is the Holy Spirit versus our flesh and self. When we permit the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our life, we will enter the most remarkable and unforgettable season of calm and inner peace we could imagine.

I know His presence brings peace, because I am feeling peace in my life.  This is exactly what I need to have this operation work for me.

Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me this peace.

Have a wonderful Sunday Friends.

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection 10/2/16

  1. I love reading your posts Rose 🌹 and I had no idea that is was the Holy Spirit that brings us joy but it makes sense ❤️

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    MaryAnn 760.715.5114



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