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Sunday Reflection 8/28/16

holy spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit

Good Morning Friends ~

Christian tradition starts speaking of the Spirit by saying that the Holy Spirit is God, based on the Bible.

The Spirit has the attributes of God, such as :

Not only is the Holy Spirit God, the Spirit is a full person of the Trinity. What is meant by that? (Forgive me for talking strange here, but this is about the Holy Spirit, the One that words are least able to describe.) The Spirit is an ‘I’, able to take action and cause action. The Spirit is able to be a ‘we’ with other ‘I’s. The Spirit can be addressed as ‘you’; by other ‘I’s (such as you and me), and can respond as an ‘I’. Thus, when we say, “Come, Holy Spirit”, the Spirit can come, not as if on command, but as promised.

It is a bit confusing at first, but when you read it slow you will understand it better.

Getting to know the Spirit has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I am understanding my faith in a way I never knew could be possible.

Sometimes as I am writing to you I do not know where the words are coming from except the Spirit, and that in itself is touching my heart.

Until next Sunday Reflection ~ have an amazing week.

Much love,


p.s. Most of the words in my Sunday Reflections are from a site I am reading ~

The Spirit’s Work ~ if you would like to look into the Spirit as I have you can go to~


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