How I became to know the "Holy Spirit"

Sunday Reflection

Good Morning Dear Friends ~

spirit 1What an amazing picture ~ 

What I see in this picture is God hands giving us the chance to know the Holy Spirit.

What do you see ?

The Ultimate Gift

The biggest gift of all, however, is not each other, and is not nature, or the universe, or family, or even life itself. The biggest gift in all of existence is that we are given the Giver – the same Greatest One who was Job’s only satisfaction and Moses’ only strength is now given to humankind. God chooses not only to put up with us, but to be with us. That’s what all this Jesus talk means – that’s why Jesus matters. He is, in Christmas-talk, “God-with-us”, Immanuel. That is the gift of Jesus.

But Jesus is not walking among us today. So another gift has been given – God in yet another way, the divine Spirit through whom Christ is still in effect right here and now. This Spirit leads, shapes, empowers, and gives us joy. The gift a Christian lives in every day, most fundamentally, is the Holy Spirit.

What a gift it is to know the Holy Spirit, or should I say getting to know the Spirit.

It is a very powerful and awakening to think you are somewhat humble, then you realize you are becoming to know humility through the Holy Spirit.  Each time I read about the Spirit I become more humble.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Enjoy it to your fullest –

Until next Sunday ~

Much love,


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