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The little bench

Good Morning Friends ~

I have had a few different designs by our front door.

Living in a condo has many many rules.  I know that they are necessary, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

There are 2 closets on either side of the entryway, and the BOD needs to be able to get into these closets without anything in the way.

So that being said I have tried and have failed 2x’s with my decor.

So we purchased this cute little bench, which by the way I love.



As I have said in my resent post it takes me a few tried before I get it right.  This was no different.  We get lots of wind in this little courtyard and the pillows kept falling over.  I went onto Pinterest looking for ideas, and came up with this one.  Finding this watering can was the answer.  It keeps the pillows in place by it’s long spout.

And, ……. the best part I only need this flower arrangement ~ any more flowers would be too much for this small space.

Just a few more pics of the little outdoor space.

outside 1outside 3


Pillow with flowers ~ Pottery Barn

Green & Cream pillow ~ Home Goods

Watering Can ~ Home Goods

Bench ~ Hobby Lobby

Flowers ~ Local florist

Have a wonderful sunny day.

Much love,


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