Our Home ~

How I decorate our home

Dear Friends ~

Today is going to be a bit of an incite on how I decorate our home.


OK here we go ~

pickmonkey 3

Here we see the mantle completed, but how did I get it that way?  Well it was not just put there, one, two, three.  I’ll put a few things that I like in place, and then I step back, and look.  Sometimes I like what I see, but most times I have to walk away then enter the room again (this gives me a fresh look) I move things around until it looks just the way I want it to look.

This can take a couple of minutes, and even when I think its good, I’m still tweaking it for a few day.

pickmonkey 4

In this picture there was no garland.  (The little flower buds in the background)

Just putting the garland, and a string of small lights makes it pop when dusk set in.

pickmonkey 1

Adding height, and a pop of color will also help.

Most of the colors are cream, and a bit of brown & beige (the angels) so adding the red clock and the dark blue bear brings in the colors from the room.

pickmonkey 2

Adding texture to the mantel with the tin candle holder adds dimension ~

Hope this can help you with your mantel, or anything you are trying to create.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Much love,



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