Christmas in the Dining Room

Good Morning Everyone ~

Christmas in our Dining Room is very simple – Not too many decorations go into the dining room –

I keep the tabletop the same all year – I love my wine bottles/candles and the center arrangement is too pretty to put away.

The bottles have paraffin and a thick wick – the wick is connected to a ceramic holder.

When lit they look just like a candle ~ so pretty.

This Dining Room set was given – to me by my father-in -law.  We had it refurbished to a darker stain.

This is something you keep in the family from generation to generation.

christmas 2015-38


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The buffet table is decorated with greenery, lights and yes …. my little snowmen.

The large snowman is new this year.  Every year I buy a new snowman, usually not this big, but when I saw him – well you have to admit how cute he is ~ the rest of the things I have collected over the years.

The believe  box is one of my favorites ~ this also stays up all year.

Wishing you the best day.

Much love,


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