Christmas Mantel 2015

Good Morning Everyone ~

I thought I would do something a little different this year.  I have decided to take you for a tour of our home one day at a time.

Today I will share our Christmas Mantel ~

I made Kristin & Aly’s stockings some 30+ years ago ~

Jenny’s was added 3 years ago, and Brian’s is new to the mantel this year.

It’s the treasures we have from year to year that make our Christmas home special.

Christmas mantel
Christmas Mantel 2015

I have collected these little snowmen for so many years.  They are all so different, but nonetheless so special to our Christmas story every year.

The garland is a plain piece of greenery with a strand of 50 lights.  I just added a few faux apples & a few pinecones –

Enjoy your day today –

Listen to some Christmas music – say something special to someone you love.

Much love,


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