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Master Bedroom Update

Happy Sunday my friends ~

We just did a few changes in the M/B, and wanted you to see it including the new look for balcony ~

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,


new mb1
The Master Bed ~ Everything was made by my good friend Barbara.
new mb2
Such cute pictures ~ they all have a meaning’ The 3 little girls ~ top left are my 2 sisters and me. The bottom left ~ Little girl on the swing, looks just like our youngest when she was little’ The one off to the right, Our oldest daughter with her good friend when we would go to the beach, when living on Long Island
new mb3
Close up of the little doll ~ I made this so many years ago, maybe 25 years.
new mb4
I found this sign in a local craft store It says “All my love, All my Life”
new mb5
This is new to the M/B Found this at an estate sale ~ beautiful table
new mb6
Sweet little tool box ~ sits on top of the table ~ Has little lights, and look so pretty at night.
new mb7
The window was a Christmas Gift from Pete ~ Love it so much.
new mb8
Found this little sign at Hobby Lobby The vine we found at a cute little shop
new mb9
I did this stencil all around the room ~ I stenciled it lower then usual, because we have 11′ ceilings in the M/B
patio 3
New Balcony ~ I love how it came out.
patio 7
Chairs ~ Birch Lane ~ Cushion and pillows ~ Pottery Barn
flowers 2015 2
Flowers boxes ~

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