Flowers off the Master Bedroom

Happy Thursday All ~

Today I am sharing the flowers off the Master Bedroom ~

I chose impatiences this year ~

We took the window boxes off the main deck and put them on the balcony off the M/B ~

Summer time ~ I love it.

Have a fantastic day ~

Much love,


flowers 2015
Here are the flowers boxes ~ I love them because the flowers do not need to be watered every day. Just fill the little well on top with water and it fills the base of the boxes ~ no worrying for 2/3 days, which is wonderful if you are on vacation for a few days ~
flowers 2015 8
Here is a close up of the pretty impiences ~
flowers 2015 2
You can see the hanging vinca ~ it looks so pretty from the walkways ~
flowers 2015 4
I had this iron basket in my guest bathroom with a faux plant in it, but the plant was always so dusty so I decided to use it outside the M/B on the balcony. I love how the impatiens look in it. They are doing well, because there is no direct sunlight in this corner ~
flowers 2015 6
Side view ~
flowers 2015 5
Close up ~ I love the colors ~

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