Sunday Morning Beauty

snowfall 1

Good Morning my friends ~

As I sit in Pete’s chair (again) I’m looking out at the beautiful snowfall we had last night.

Don’t get me wrong, I am getting tired of all the snow and the cold, but it just looks so pretty out there.

I have been sick for the past 3 days – fever and aches and pains in my joints.  I am starting to feel better, and I am very grateful, and it must be why I see the beauty in the snow.

Only a few more weeks until we start to see warmer weather again.  I know we will all appreciate spring this year.  Maybe we needed this cold weather to really appreciate what spring brings us.

Wishing you all an amazing day today.

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Beauty

    1. Thank you Diane
      You are the first person who responded to me – other than my family.
      Thank you for that…It’s so exciting – I love blogging, and here hoping other’s like it too.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Much love,


  1. We got some snow here in Texas yesterday and it was fun and beautiful to wake up to it this morning! Of course, my kids couldn’t be more excited. They got let out of school early yesterday so they did nothing but sled all afternoon and played with friends. I’m sure everyone up north is tired of seeing the snow, but we have a lot of appreciation for it here. If it sticks around for a few days I’m sure everyone will start to complain! lol
    I hope you are feeling better! Have a great weekend!


    1. I remember those day when the kids would get out early from school ~
      It seems like a life time ago.
      They are 34 & 29 now and have their own lives…I truly miss those day..
      Have a good rest of your weekend Julie.


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