Our Home ~

Saturday Morning

Good Morning my Friends ~

As I sit here looking outside it’s becoming pretty clear that we are going to be looking at snow for a good long time.

We had a storm door installed in November, and I think I’m never going to see it opened.  It has the coolest drop down screen and I just want to feel the fresh air coming into the house.

Sometime it takes so long for the winter to pass.

I need a little spring day –

We all have our feeling about winter, and I know it is a good time to organize, but I still want to open my new storm door.

Stay warm and cozy by the fireplace – or if you are in a warmer climate ENJOY the warm weather .

I guess I am lucky to have a beautiful fireplace.

Here is where you can find this beautiful door ~


Much love,


storm door
Here is the door from the inside of the condo
storm door 2
At the top – as you pull down the white box the screen is tucked away and will begin to show and the glass fits nicely at the bottom of the door.
storm door 1
As you see this is the outside ~

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