New Blog on WordPress

To all my friends & family ~

Today I begin a New Blog on “WordPress” Link is ~ http://www.muchloverose.wordpress.com

The name is the same. “Follow Your Heart”

The format is a little different, but everything I have posted on Tumblr still remains the same.

I will no longer be using Tumblr.

As you view the new blog you will see a column on the right side this indicates the following:

About Me ~

Which tell a little bit about me.

Blogs I Follow ~

A Calendar ~

Primary Menu ~ this includes:

1) My Etsy Store

2) Preview “New Etsy Items”

3) Recipes

4) Our Home

5) Crafts

6) Just Thoughts

All My Posts ~

This is all the posts I have published.

My Information ~

After many hours of playing around, and finally getting someone to help me ~ I have decided to use this Theme ~

Theme meaning “The Pretty Side of the blog”.  The part you see.

I feel it is a very friendly theme and nice to the eye.

Much Love,


p.s. Be sure to Follow Me – When you do you will receive all new post I put on my blog

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