Recipes ~



My Recipe ~

1- carrot

1- stalk of celery

Fresh baby spinach (one container)

1/2 – leek

1 – egg

baby pearl pasta (about a cup) you can add less or more if you like.  I like using a cup because the pasta will absorb the liquid and then it looks like a stew instead of a soup.

2 -containers of chicken stock

salt & pepper (to taste)

pecorino romano cheese also to taste – (we love cheese so we use a lot)


1/2 – lb of ground turkey

1/2 – lb of ground pork


Directions ~

Make meatball first – I use 1 egg, about 1t each of parsley, onion powder, and 1/2t of salt & pepper – 1/4 cup of pecorino romano cheese.  Mix all together

Set aside (I place them on a sheet of wax paper)

Prepare your stock by first cutting up leeks, celery and carrot very small

Put small about of olive oil in bottom of pot (the one you will be using for the soup) put leeks,celery & carrots and cook for about 5 ~ 7 mins.

Add chicken stock, bring to a low boil – put the meatballs into the stock.  Turn down to med heat let meatball cook for about 30 mins

Add spinach and small pearl pasta simmer for another 30 mins. 

Place in bowls and add the pecorino romano cheese…..

YUM *************


Much love,


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