Our Home ~


Hello all –

Just a little tour of our home – Hoping you are having a wonderful Christmas season.  

It was so much fun decorating this year.  I kept it simple – not too many things around, because when you take everything away it look quite empty…It usually takes me a couple of weeks to get use to the house again.

This is a picture of my perpetual calendar – I purchased this 20 yrs ago.

2014 Christmas Tree…..*****

The packages are wrapped in (Dollar Store) brown paper and added some ribbon, then stamped the side of the package with this cute string of lights.

So simple.

One in green… Oh and the tags are the tags I made with Christmas cards I received last year…

Looking from the Dining Room

Dining Room

Close up of the centerpiece. Gift from Pete’s cousin –

Mantel 2014

Love my little snowmen…..

New this year are the pine cones 

And in the kitchen ***  This is used for fresh fruit, but had to put a little Christmas in the kitchen as well.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2015.

Much love,


One thought on “CHRISTMAS TOUR 2014

  1. Even though Christmas just past and I finally put all my stuff away, this makes me want to start decorating all over again… Great Job, Rosie…. I just love looking at all your beautiful creations… Love you, Josie


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