Our Home ~

Coming Soon ***

COMING SOON***********

Well we are almost there – we finished the mold issue – will be having the rugs installed on Thursday ***YEA*** (need to get this house back to normal)

Painted the railings – they look beautiful —— Thanks Hun…..

painted, painted, and painted some more.

Will be redoing the dining room a bit different.

We will be using a mirror on the only wall – so the hutch will be placed near the family room – (you can still see it from the dining room)

Here is a sneak peak of the mirror

We went shopping in our home for this one and saved $350 that’s a bargain – It use to be cream and Pete painted it white.  I love the white..

Did purchase a new lamp for the buffet –

Vienna Full Spectrum

It matches my chandelier.  Purchased it on Lamps Plus “

So until next week I send lots of Love and a wonderful weekend.

Much love,


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