Our Home ~


Good Morning Everyone-

It’s been a real long time since I have posted anything on my blog.

We have had a very busy summer, graduations, showers, and a beautiful wedding.

To get back home and figure out what we are doing with our retired lives.

We thought we might want to leave New York, so we took a trip to Florida and looked at a house (fell in love with it) but realized we are really North Easterners – we truly love the 4 seasons.

So now that we are staying in NY we decided to change the rugs in our condo.

After Pete removed the rugs we found mold by the door to the deck.

We had to postpone the rug install until Oct 23rd.  We have someone fixing the mold problem – its a bit involved, but the end result will be so much better.

Can’t wait to get our home back to normal.  We are living on concrete floors and one chair and the sofa.

Everything else is scattered throughout the house.

Dust everywhere, but I guess it is a good time to do home improvement, the windows can be opened, for the dust, and I will be fall cleaning after this anyway.

Just a couple of pictures where we are now.

This is my dining room ***

This is the family room

mold by the door to the deck

Another picture of the mold – it cracked the concrete (not good)

But on a good note – it’s being fixed.  YEA****

I will be posting pictures of the new living room and dining room after the 23rd of October.

Have a wonderful day & be grateful for all you have, especially family.

Much love,


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