Crafts ~


How to create heart frame:

Print off heart template – 

Gather as many buttons as you can (what ever color you like)

I love pink and white – so that is what I used.

You will need a hot glue gun – utility knife (blade).

Don’t do what I did – I put the the glue on the back of the button and then attached it to the template – half way through I burned my finger pretty bad.

After burning my finger, I decided to put the hot glue on the outline of the heart and then put the button down.  (much better)

Go all the way around the heart with your buttons, then put one button in the center of each button you just put down.

See 2nd 3rd and 4th picture for more detail –

After you have finished with all the buttons – use a utility knife to cut around the outside and inside of the heart.

Pictures will follow of “Home is where the heart is” Cross stitch.

Not completed yet.



Close up of center of heart  


Close up of right side of the heart


Close up of left side of the heart.

Enjoy – I loved making this….

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