Our Home ~


The Desk…….and of course his idol Mohamed Ali……….


Had to zoom in on this cute little box… Found this at Hobby Lobby …


This is the chair we both want to sit in at the same time.

– I love this chair. So comfortable.


This is a good story – a friend gave the crate to me.  I loved it, but it was not functional – I wanted a piece of glass for the top, but Pete had another idea. 

He took the entire front apart, turned the crate upside down put the front of the crate back slat by slat – I now have a top to display a few pictures and a small light.

Took him most of the day – but so worth it – Looks beautiful…


Another good story –

I had my eye on this window for almost a year – it was outside against an old shed down the road from where I live.

I wanted to ask the person who lived at this house if I could have it – never got up enough nerve to do it.

One day when passing by – I noticed the window was gone.

I was so upset – told Pete about it, he felt bad for me too.

Pete proceeded to go to the person’s house – and mentioned about the window, (Matt) said he had a few in his basement, went to get them  and said to take two, and give them to me as a Christmas gift.

Pete’s intention was to do just that – he wanted to surprise me.

It was the best surprise – 

Now I have 2 old windows in my home.

I love them – I love you hun for always thinking about me.


I purchased this old shutter at an antique shop in Pennsylvania.

Perfect for those card you just can’t toss away.


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