I start my blog today ~

Today I start my blog.

I started to read other blogs, and thought this could be just the thing I am looking to do –  My sisters (all 7 of them) encouraged me to do this. My goal is to be successful in my journey.  I have lots to show you and I am very excited to begin.

I will begin with a little about myself: I just turned 60 this year and I am newly retired;  I feel the need to get started with another chapter in my life. Decorating has always been a huge passion of mine.  Some of my ideas come from HOUZZ, and looking at other blogs-

I love to garden – Waiting for late spring sometime takes forever – I live in the North East, so sometimes spring will only appear in late May – then off to the flower shop to find the flowers for planting that season. After a day of planting, and a back ache we look and say AAHHH…….

I am a spiritual person.  I know that God is always there for my family & me throughout good times and not such good time.  My faith is very important to me.

I am married to my best friend.  He is an amazing man –  I have 2 daughters; one lives in Brooklyn and is getting married this August.  ( will share with you some of the crafts I am making for her wedding) My youngest lives in L.A. – she is in design, and loving her life in California. She recently adopted a cat – His name is Clark, and oh so cute.  I can’t wait to meet the new addition to Aly’s life.

As for right now, I have lots to do for my daughters wedding.

I will be joining the ETSY family in January 2014 – I will begin designing jewelry… Wish me luck. God Bless – Will be back real soon.  xo

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