Little Church in Connecticut ~

Just sitting here having my coffee – its 7:30 am and looks like a storm is about to begin in Altamont NY.

Today is Sunday – day to thank God for everything He has given us – our talents, our homes, our friends, and most of all our families.

So off to church we go –

Then back home to continue on the Laundry Room

My guy is creating a beautiful place for me to do my laundry & soon a spot for my jewelry making –

(Pictures to follow) still a work in progress…

He is such a good guy, always making his 3 girls so happy.

And as for me more napkins to sew (for Kristin’s wedding)
I will be sending a picture as soon as I can –

Wishing you all a very blessed day –

Will be back soon..


p.s. This picture is for Mary Ann (my sister) she always loved the church we would go to when visiting with our Nana, & Pop Pop in Connecticut – I do believe this is the church.  So MA this is for you..xo

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