Love & Family

After the Wedding ~

Good Morning-

It’s 8:30 am… I am reflecting back on our daughter’s wedding day.

It started with a BIG lump in my stomach, (of excitment) – Pete and I had breakfast with friends & family (which was fantastic)

We headed to Kristin & Jenny’s to pick up flowers, favors, runners, utencils and everything else that will make this day beautiful.  We stayed for 2 hours helping set up for their special day.

Returned back to the hotel to get ready for this special event.  I could not compose myself – the anticipation was overwhelming –

We are ready to go – picked up Aly (Kristin’s sister & maid of honor) from her room – she looked beautiful, and headed for the reception.

Oh just so you know Pete (my wonderful husband) looked so handsome.  What a great husband he is, and such a fantastic dad..

We arrive at the reception – everything looked majical  – (My little girl is getting married) it didn’t make sence, but when we saw her it hit me, she looked so beautiful this is truly her day, her wedding day.  She is marrying  her best friend Jenny, they look so calm, so beautiful, & so HAPPY…

The ceremony was beautiful – every word of their vows, so loving, so tender, so Kristin & Jenny…

The party after was so much fun – everyone had a wonderful time. The band was fantastic, the food was spectacular.

The father of the bride speech was loving & heartfelt, and Alyson’s speech brought the house down.  She was amazing…  Something we will remember forever.

It was so amazing spending time with family & friends.  Making new friends seemed so special.  These are the moments you take with you for the rest of your life…

I love you both so very much, God continue to bless and guide you thoughout your lives –

Much love


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