New to the Renovation

Hi Everyone ~

These are some things I will be adding to our newly renovated bed & bath.

We purchased all of this on Wayfair.

The tissue box & trash can can be found HERE

The night stand HERE

The wallpaper HERE

The mirror HERE

The mirror will be going over this dresser which is going in the closet.


The chandelier HERE

The larger closet system HERE

The smaller closet system HERE

Hope you enjoy following along with me as we put this Master Suite together.

Happy Sunday.

Much love,


New Master Bed & Bath

Hello friends ~

Pete & I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in May, and we talked about going away,  but redoing our bedroom was a better idea for both of us.  We love staying in watching a movie and cooking together, so that being said we chose to remodel our Master Bed & Bath.

This is a little peek of what’s to come~


This is the door to my closet.

The color we chose is Benjamin Moore ~ Beacon Gray. 58A544C4-68B3-46B9-BCF3-CBDC8AD062E4

Here are 2 of the pillows I made for the bed.



The rug was installed yesterday.  We purchased it from Lowe’s


I love it.  The texture is beautiful.

I’ll be sending more pictures as we get things completed.


Enjoy your weekend.

Much love,



New to Etsy 🧵

Hi friends ~

I have something new in my Etsy store.



Each pincushion is carefully handmade.  Each one comes with 3 matching colored straight pins & one decorative pin.  These decorative pins are handmade.

All pins are inserted into a small wool ball for safety – see picture #-2.

All cushions are $12.00 each.

These sweet little cushions are a perfect gift for someone who loves to sew or who loves to do crafts.


Here are a few that I offer in my store.


To order go HERE


Have the best day friends.


Much love,


Time in Brooklyn

Good morning friends ~

I have been so busy, doing things that take up my days, and haven’t had time to even think about my blog.

But, I am sitting here at my daughters taking care of her little kitty Sam.

She is the sweetest little cat, and we love being here with her.


We also love being in Brooklyn, there is so much to do and see and all within walking distance.  I really feel like I’m on a vacation.

Yesterday we went to brunch, and was within walking distances.   It was lovely out the sun was shining, and the temperature was 32 degrees which was warm.  The past week it’s been so windy and cold.

If you are ever in Brooklyn I recommend Mayfield for brunch.  Atmosphere is wonderful and food is superb.

Great date with my guy ♥️♥️

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,

Rose 😘

Exciting news ♥️♥️

Good morning friends ~

We spent Thanksgiving in Portland Oregon this year.  I have to say I think it was the best thanksgiving I can remember.

So many wonderful memories to keep in your heart, but the best thing that happened was these two beautiful people got engaged.

This is our youngest Aly and her amazing fiancé Brian.

We couldn’t be happier for them.

May all your days that lie ahead be as happy as you are right now.

Love you both so much.



Happy Thanksgiving 🧡



Hello dear friends,

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times of the fall season.

I always feels very calm around this holiday. As the leaves start falling, it becomes clear to me that change is happening.  Even though I’m not a real fan of change, I love the changes of the seasons.  I’m glad I live in the north eastern part of New York.  The beauty of the mountains and the colors of the leaves are Thanksgiving to me.  It brings such a peace in my heart.

This year we will be spending it with our youngest and her boyfriend.

It’s  very exciting, because they just moved to Portland, Oregon, and she will be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time.

I’m excited to be there to help in anyway I can.

So from our home to yours we are wishing you the best Thanksgiving ever.

Much love,


Welcome to our entry


Its been a couple of months since I’ve posted anything on my blog.

With summer here and visiting my Mom every other week it’s been a little busy.

But…..We have finally finished our entry and it’s lovely.  Well I love it.

This is condo living.  It took me a real long time to feel comfortable living in a condo, but can I tell you it’s probably one of the best things my husband and I did.  After 10 yrs living here I finally love it ♥️

Welcome to our home 🌸🌼



I love this basket, I use it year round.

Just change the flowers, in the fall, and at Christmas it’s a great idea, and it doesn’t cost too much.


Pete did a fantastic job putting this together for me.  We purchased the shelf on Etsy, he brought the molding at Home Depot.  The coat hooks are from the same store where we got the shelf.


I chose not to put the hooks on the shelf, because I knew I wanted them right where they are.

So we painted a square block of the wall in white then put the shelf up and finally attached the moldings.

I love it ♥️♥️♥️

FBCC6535-0800-4002-AE41-17E5FACDA3455489EA18-36A2-4A4C-A55A-599702E4E07DA few close up ~ the bead board is wallpaper ~ Martha Steward ~


One the other side of the hallway is this old window.  We attached the little window box then just added a few flowers.

The HOME sign was purchased at “At Home”


This is the entire entry. Not to big, but a good size for a condo.

We live one the second floor, private entrance to each condo.

I hope you enjoyed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay cool

Much Love,


Update on the entry

Good morning friends ~

We are well on our way to completing the entryway.  Pete has painted the walls and the front door. 39AE15CD-C36A-4D06-9D04-1D76C71FCAA9

This is right after he finished painting the front door.  It was white, and I just love the color and warmth that the door is now.

The next few pictures will be of the one wall which is completed.


I purchased the tiny window box on Etsy.

We attached the window box directly to the window.  I added the faux flowers and the garland around the window.

The garland was purchased at a little craft store local.

The flowers at Michaels

The HOME sign Purchased “At Home”

The black bench was purchased several years ago at Wayfair.

Hope you enjoyed the little visit in our entry.

Stay tune to for the compleation in a few weeks.


Have a a wonderful weekend.

Much love,

Rose 🌹

New to the condo ~

Hi Friends ~

Pete & I have decided to redo the entryway to our condo.

It is long overdue – The rug is old and the walls are in dyer need of a paint brush.

I found this on Pinterest ~ and it looks like it could be our entryway.

Pete will be building it.  Great place to hang your coat when entering our home, and the shelf will be great for displaying seasonal treasures.

One difference will be ~ no bench under the shelf and hooks  – there will be a seat across from this.



entryway 1

New light for the entryway

To purchase go here

entryway 3

First choice for area rug ~

To purchase go here

Second choice for area rug ~

To purchase go here

entryway 4


The color we chose is Deserted Island  by Benjamin Moore

entryway 5

go here  for color.

We will be starting this project in a few week.   Stay tune for updates.

Hoping your day is filled with lots of sunshine and laughter.

Have a wonderful day.


Much love,