Good morning friends ~

Today when I woke up, still in the guest room I slowly walked to the Master Bedroom and looked at this amazing room.  Something I worked on for 6+ months.

It truly payed off.  The hours I spent looking through Pinterest and pictures I put onto my New Master board.

I’m overjoyed with the results.

The moldings are beautiful and we had an artist created this for us.

I love the shelf above the bed.  It is 5” deep so it can hold pictures, and pretty much so many other things.

The end table is perfect.  There is a hidden small table that pulls out for a cup of coffee or tea, and lets be honest an occasional glass of wine.

The wood horse sits on top of the armoire.

The wood cabinet holds very special things given to me, especially our first set of wedding bands make by my Dad ♥️♥️

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Much love,





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