Our Home ~

Mutual Agreement in the Family Room

Hi Friends ~

I have been thinking about how many posts I’ve written on changes in our home.

I know I have at least 3+ just in the Family Room.

This one is a keeper.  I had Pete put his thoughts into this one as well.  We both have different ideas, but together they are great ideas.

So here is our final result ~

new family room 5

OK this is what we did~

We had the recliner in the corner where the tree is now.

And…..the wing back chair was in front of the coffee table (where you see the dough bowl)

Not a good spot for that chair, it blocked the fire place.

Also we needed to find a new home for the tree.  We have the ficus tree for 25 years.  Can’t get rid of her now.  p.s. this is how it all started.

Only spot for her is in the corner, that being said we had to move the recliner.

Many words went round & round until we started moving furniture from one spot to another, and with the help of my dear husband we came to a mutual agreement.

I love how it looks.

new family room

new family room 3

I know I have shared this curtains already, but I love them.

new family room 4

I made the runner for the coffee table and the little quilted balls in the dough bowl.

new family room 6

Finally all 5 quilted balls are complete.

Hope you enjoyed the new look for the F/R as much as I do.

Have a great weekend.

Much love,


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