Update on my Etsy Store

Good Morning Friends ~

Due to my long recovery from surgery  I chose to keep my store closed until April.

When http://www.muchloverose.com  returns it will have a few new surprises.  Until then I wish you all a wonderful winter.

I hope you are all well and enjoying this amazing snow day.

It is absolutely beautiful outside.


It’s hard to see exactly what I am experiencing, but it is so pretty


Looks like a Swiss Chalet


This is the snow as of 11 am ~ 2/9/17


Enjoy your day and stay warm.

Much love,





4 thoughts on “Update on my Etsy Store

    1. Thanks Cindy
      I only had jewelry in my shop when I first opened it 2 yrs ago.
      I now have so many thoughts and I think I will be putting some jewelry pieces, but my big thing will be heart ornaments and baby rag quilts. The hearts will be named, (named after the material) I will bring one in every month. I’m excited about redesigning my store.


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