Our Home ~

Window Treatments & the Family Room

Hi Friends~

Sorry its been awhile since I posted anything onto my blog, but I have been recovering from surgery.

Everything is good, just taking a bit of time to heal.

We just took our Christmas tree down a few days ago, and you know how that goes.  Everything looks so empty.

So here we go again – rearranging furniture – Of course I could not touch anything.  Just told Pete where to put the furniture, and my saint of a husband made it look just right.

So this is what the Family Room looks like now.

Oh yes – new to the space is my recliner in the corner.


We ordered a new coffee table.


The ottoman will be leaving thank goodness.  The floral print has seen better day.  It is about 13 years old.  With the ottoman leaving, I now have to do new window treatments, as you can see the ottoman & valance are the same material.

Which brings me to why I started this post ~


I would like something totally different ~

I would have to say my style is French Country.

So I began looking on Pinterest for different curtain ideas.

I did purchase material from Shabby Fabrics, (below) and I have the original lace curtains to work with as well, but not sure what I am going to create.




Here are some of the curtains I like.


They all seem to be the same type of look, but with 3 different styles I am sure Barbara will have some great ideas.

Barbara is my friend who does all my window treatments.

Wish me luck.  When all is finished I will be posting the finished room.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,




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