How I became to know the "Holy Spirit"

Sunday Reflection 12/18/16


Good Morning dear Friends ~

The word for the 4th week of Advent is LOVE ~

I hope we come together as one nation and love one another no matter what race or gender we are.  This is what Jesus is trying to teach us.



Every year, Christians all over the world commemorate and reflect on our salvation story, the story of this baby boy who was born in a manger and grew as a man like anyone of us. God becoming man and chose to be born poor and simple. And this boy grew in grace and was the anointed, the messiah, the savior of the world. Christmas is an Emmanuel event, a celebration of God being with us.

What shall we do to welcome and receive Jesus again and again in our hearts? How do we celebrate the true meaning and essence of Christmas in today’s context? What is the message of Christmas in our life as a nation today? More and more, we become unconcern, indifferent and numb to the issues of the world and in our very own country. There is a prevalent fear among or people fear for their lives.

The culture of death and culture of impunity is creeping in our national system and with many people seemingly unaffected or indifferent by this reality. If Christmas is God becoming man, it means God is sharing life with us. Jesus was sent so that we will have life to its fullest. Let us therefore live life and enjoy life, and not to destroy life or end life. Let us reflect on the core message of Christmas and see the daily events in the light of grace, in the optic of unwavering love of God to us.

In these situations where there is too much pain and trauma by the hatred, violence, and injustice that we experience everyday, all the more Christians are reminded to hold on our faith and cling to hope. The birth of Jesus overcomes pain and loneliness. The birth of Jesus shows us the way to God. The birth of Jesus is the good news for the Christian world. We can start with our loving response to God’s invitation to follow Him and to do what is good and right especially in this hour of test and chaos.

Let us celebrate the love of God in our Lord Jesus Christ who has come to be with us always. May the Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph inspire us always as we face the various challenges of our faith today affecting our families and communities. May our ongoing Advent preparation continue to be joyful!

As I read this today I am reminded of why Jesus was born  into our world ~ Jesus was walking the earth to teach us how to love one another, and be kind to ALL ~

I try very hard to understand why we as Americans can look the other way when others are hurting.  Please lets all be like Jesus and love one another throughout the entire year – not just at Christmas time.

Prayer for the 4th candle lighting ~
Almighty and Loving God thank you for loving us. Thank you for the.wonderful gift of salvation when you sent your only begotten Son—Jesus who became our brother, friend and savior.

May we be worthy of that love and we share that your very love with others, especially those who are unloved and deprived of your love. May this Advent season usher us to Christmas and be reminded to hare the love of God to one another through our generous sharing of life and hope

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,


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