How I became to know the "Holy Spirit"

Sunday Reflection


holy spirit 1

Good Morning Dear Friends ~

As I continue to read about the “Holy Spirit” I become to know my life ~
I hope by sharing these small tools about the Spirit it will help you in your life.

Today I share how the Spirit give us Faith ~
The Spirit pours faith into us. The tactics will be different from one person to another. It may be through a sermon, a worship service, a youth event, a song, a testimony, an act of kindness, a relationship of love, a struggle of conscience, a brush with disaster or insanity, a steady gradual series of changes, a blissful ‘peak experience’ moment, a shaken-up charismatic experience, or a whisper calling to you from inside. In that faith, we can be happy — even daring — in our relationships with other people, because the Spirit is working through us, and that will not come to naught.

This is very powerful.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Until next week~

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection

  1. Rosie… I love this update on the Holy Spirit… you’re absolutely correct in saying it’s different for each of us… Good message.. Love you, Josie


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