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Update on Office/TV Room

Update on Office/TV Room ~

We have been looking at different swatch samples, and I think we are going with neutral tones with a bit of navy.

I have a few updates and would love to share them with you.

The sleeper sofa ~ source ~


office 7

Not sure on the material yet, but it will be one of the below ~

The material swatches are free at Wayfair and Birch Lane

office office 6

The coffee table ~ source ~


office 8

And the rug ~ A bit of navy  ~ source ~


office 9

I will make the curtains, and the pillows for the couch.  I am using a drop cloth for the curtains, and will be stenciling a design onto it.  Not sure what stencil I am using yet.   I have a table cloth, and a pillow case I purchased from Etsy that will be incorporated into both the pillows, and the curtains.

office 3

For the curtains ~ source ~


office 2

Envelope pillow using this pillow case. ~ source ~


office 1

This will also be used in making the curtains.


More updates to follow in the next weeks

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,



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