Time to say Good-Bye

Good Morning All ~

Today is our last full day in Beautiful California ~

We stayed at this wonderful Air B&B in Pasadena – It is an original 1913 Sears Craftsmen Home.

The home was beautiful, and the grounds as you can see just as beautiful.

We had the girls & Brian over for dinner last night ~ Had a wonderful time.

They have a day filled with lots of surprises for us.

Pete is playing racquetball now with Jenny, Brian & ALy ~ Next is lunch, and I think a place to get ice cream & some special donuts.  Here come the pounds, but worth it.

Then not sure what the rest of the day will entail, but just being together is enough for me.

Here we are the 6 of us at a real cute pub.


We had the best day so many memories.

Now I would love to share this amazing Craftsmen Home with you

Here are pictures of the outside and the grounds ~

Now for the inside ~

Enjoy !!!

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,


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