Valentine’s Day & Sweet Spring Heart

Morning Friend ~

Something I made for Valentine’s Day, but can be used through spring.  It’s so delicate just perfect for your spring decor.

It was so simple – Just a few things needed to make this pretty little heart.

heart 3

Things needed:

DAS air dry molding clay ~ (get at Amazon)

Mod Podge

Wood Skewer

Rolling Pin

Cookie cutter (used a heart ~ Valentine’s Day)

Tissue Paper ( of your choice ) I used roses because it was Valentine’s Day.

Small disposable paint brush

Paint color of your choice (I had patio paint and it worked wonderful)


This molding clay is great ~ Just kneed it for a bit – this makes it easier to roll out.

After you roll out the clay use the cookie cutter and make your heart.  Use the wood skewers to poke a hole (if you want to hang it with a ribbon or jute)  You can also put a magnet on the back ~

Let sit over night so it completely dries.

When the hearts are dry ~ paint the entire heart ~ Use just a small amount of paint, and add water ~ Adding the water makes a consistency like water colors.

Cut out pieces of the tissue paper that you would like on the heart.

Put the mod podge on sections of the heart (I like working in small sections ~ this way it is easier to deal with the mod podge, and the tissue paper)

When you have the look you like put mod podge all over the top of the heart and let dry for a few hours.

Then do the same to the back of the heart.  (This is optional ~ I did the back because I was hanging it) I think if you are using a magnet – there is no need to do the same to the back.

I used 2 coats of mod podge ~ I think 2 coats looks best


This was fun ~

Have an amazing day

Much love,



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