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New Tool Box

Good Morning my friends ~

Before Thanksgiving comes & goes, I must share this sweet tool box I purchased from Magnolia Market –

Magnolia Market is an amazing store in Waco, Texas – the home of Chip & Joanna aka “Fixer Upper”~ If you do not know about these two wonderful beings, you should tune into their show on HGTV ~

The tool box I purchased from them ~

Here is where you can purchase it https://shop.magnoliahomes.net/collections/all/products/wood-planter-basket

Just a few more shots of this sweet box ~

I have this on top of my refrigerator and will remain there ~

I will add Christmas decorations at Christmas ~ Fall decorations in the Fall ~ Spring decorations at Easter, and so on.

I love having something that I can switch out from season to season.

This arrangement cost $0.00 because I used things I already had.  The same will happen with the Christmas arrangement.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with those you love, and treasure ~

Be grateful everyday.

Much love,


4 thoughts on “New Tool Box

  1. Hi Rose,
    Oh my goodness….now you have made me want to buy one of these. I am obsessed with Joanna Gaines’ work. Thank you so much for sharing some inspiration! This is adorable.


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