Crafts ~

A Little Spring around the house

Hi Friends ~

Yesterday I went to Michaels.  So many things were on sale which was so good for me.

In my last post ~ I shared with you the pretty daisies that was given to me ~ I loved how they looked so I wanted to duplicate the look.

As I was walking around Michaels I saw this cute little mason jar perfect for the base. Right next to the little jars were clusters of flowers.  I purchased a cluster of pansies, and another cluster of small little yellow and white flowers.

I cut all the stems away from the cluster ~ which left me with 8 stems from each cluster.     I am working with 16 stems.

The mason jar was $3.49

The 2 clusters of flowers were $1.99 ea. ~ So for $7.50 I have flowers all spring & summer.

Here is the finished product.

I love how it came out ~


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