Our Home ~


As you might know by now – I love to rearrange – ANYTHING…

So that being said – the other day I asked Pete if he would help me put my desk in his office – it was in the Master Bedroom –

I was able to take my hope chest out of storage, and put it in place of the desk – looks so much better then the desk did.

Close up 

Which brings me to where I put the table that was in the office.  – more rearranging 

This is where the table found it home.

In the Family Room *****

The sofa table found a new spot in the Dining Room

Finally last by not least the little black table that was in the dining room has a new home in the entry way..

I love it here  *****

Hope you enjoyed our new but old additions to our home.

Have a wonderful day

Much love,


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