Our Home ~


I would love to share with you what I received from the wonderful man in my life –

He made my mother’s day so special – He did everything I wanted to do and then some –

After all he did – he came into the room with this beautiful picture (a picture he took over this past winter) he had it put onto canvas and then framed.

It is one of the most beautiful pictures he has ever taken…

I love it so much – 

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day…

Much love,



The picture on canvas.

This was taken right down the street from where we live..


It now has a place in the Family Room so I can see it every day..


I have crossed stitched this from the girls a long time ago – but it really says what they believe about there Dad ..if you can’t read it – it says

Of all the blessings I’ve possessed MY DAD among the very best.

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