Beautiful Brooklyn💖

Good morning friends ~

Pete & I stayed at our daughters for 4 days.  We did some exploring in her area.

Exploring Prospect Park was the highlight of our visit.  It sits on 585-acre and is 151 years old.  What a gem and in walking distance to our daughters place.

We were at LaFrak Center at Lakeside.

The lake is home to hundreds of Red ear Slider turtles  🐢



The rustic arches were breath taking


Yes that is my husband being a nut as usual. But, this is one of the things I love about him.

The boathouse in Prospect Park was built in 1905 & one of NY first building to be declared an historic landmark.

We went inside, but sorry no pictures.  The staircase was amazing.  You can use both sides of the staircase to enter the second floor deck area.  When on the deck you see Lullwater Bridge.

The waterfall under the bridge is so peaceful.

I hope you enjoyed our small tour of Prospect Park.

Have a peaceful day.  Turn up the sound on the video, and it will start or end you day peacefully.

Much love,

Rose 💕



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