Time in Brooklyn

Good morning friends ~

I have been so busy, doing things that take up my days, and haven’t had time to even think about my blog.

But, I am sitting here at my daughters taking care of her little kitty Sam.

She is the sweetest little cat, and we love being here with her.


We also love being in Brooklyn, there is so much to do and see and all within walking distance.  I really feel like I’m on a vacation.

Yesterday we went to brunch, and was within walking distances.   It was lovely out the sun was shining, and the temperature was 32 degrees which was warm.  The past week it’s been so windy and cold.

If you are ever in Brooklyn I recommend Mayfield for brunch.  Atmosphere is wonderful and food is superb.


Great date with my guy ♥️♥️

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,

Rose 😘